Sunday, December 19, 2010

Learn me to speak southern more goodly, fast!

I was inspired by Bethany Wakefield's post, and i decided to give some words commonly used by the deep south. I'm not talking about "Arkansas", "Texas", or "Florida". I'm talking Loos'ana and Orkansaw and them type states. The deep fried ones. So if you plan on visiting and being able to communicate, there are some essential words & phrases you should know.

1) Y'all. The most commonly used word. Its so popular other places try to copy it.
2) Jeet-yet. Asked in question format. You might know it as: "Did you eat yet?"
3) Fixin' ta. E.g. "I'm fixin' ta head on up* to the bank." Used in pace of "going to".
*see number 4*
4) Head on up. To start a journey.
5) Sha. Pronounced Shaaa. Used mainly in Cajun Country, it's a cajun word used as the expression: "Awwww!" Can be said as Sha Babe or Sha Baby.
6) Bad Cloud. Y'all say thunderstorm, we say bad cloud.
7) Bad-oft. Used when saying someone is sick, raised poorly, or not financially stable.
8) Since Moby Dick wuz a minna! (minnow) Translation: Very old.
9) An'nem. We say: "I'm goin' with momma an'nem." Yankee's say: "I would prefer if i could accompany Mother and them" (something tells me I can't even speak yankee good!)
10) Sweetie. This is not flirtacious. This means we wan't a SWEET TEA.
11) Aint. There is no way to break this down. Or should i say there aint no way to break this down. :D
12) Caint. When you cannot accomplish something. If you are mad then you say "I caint and I aint!
13) Ary. Not any.
14) Gummit. Do not talk to anyone here about the government.
15) Widja-didja? Bring yore Bible widja-didja?

Things to remember:
  • There is a difference between southern speak and country talk (hill-billy)
  • Anyone above Shreveport is a yankee.
  • Sometimes you just have to get your cajun on and put words together when you don't feel like enunciating
  • We can learn anybody to speak southern! Just come get Raising Cane's fried chicken and a sweetie and you'll be there!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Trip to Brasil

At the airport ready for our 22 hour trip! Going to Sao Paulo, and Curitiba, Brasil, for 10 days!

Fixing a roof with no harnesses. No thank you.

Big statue made of trash (lixo)

An abandoned convent......Hmmm.

Our hotel was in the exact middle of Sao Paulo and there were sky scrapers as far as the eye could see in every direction...

The radio tower at the top right is called the Alvear Tower lol.
The red building at the bottom left is the Brasilian National Meuseum.

Vila Prudente, a new station right where my dad grew up. Notice the Police presence. They are everywhere in the subways to keep them nice so they dont become crime-holes.


Camp meeting church service

My Great-Uncle and his wife, Tia Hiedi. (he is Chilean, she is German)

Really modern subway stop. Police in the background.

Catedral Da Se

Inside the Cathedral

Right outside the main entrance to the cathedral. My Grandfather used to have church right in the middle of this area with his family

A crowded street by the cathedral

A Brasilian Court house.

House of Cheese Bread. Mmmm! Notice by my hand the great drink of Guarana; Kuat!

A train station my dad, his siblings, my grandparents frequented when traveling all over to preach. He would also preach here.


Another train stop in Lapa; outskirts of Sao Paulo. Another place where my dad's family lived

The Post office where my Grandfather was in line waiting when he got a Revalation of the Oneness of the Godhead.

See the pinkish building? Its the Martineli Building. When my dad was 11, they were having awesome church in the third floor from the top. All of a sudden firemen came bursting through the door yelling "Where's the fire!?" When the congregation looked outside the window there were thousands looking up at them from street level. What happened? They were seeing flames coming from the third floor from the top and sent firemen to put it out. The bulding to the left of the pink one is a bank that is in the exact middle of Sao Paulo.

Martinelli Building

Bank that is in the middle of Sao Paulo

Our hotel

The view down below

Curitiba, Brasil

A really good Rodisio!

Moar Food Stuffs! Endless amounts of different cuts of meat! I even tried chicken liver!

Curitiba again

Top of a cell phone tower

A beautiful park in Curitiba

Capivara! The largest rodent in the world!!


My Great-uncle Adan (not adaM), and my Grandfather; Bishop Juan Baltisto Alvear

Another rodisio!

A very clean street in Curitiba. Curitiba is a very clean and green city.

One of the largest restaurants in the world, it can seat over 5,000 people.

Me and dad in Curitiba sight-seeing

The Alvear Family, Mafiosi

Me and Bishop Adan Alvear

Me and my cousin Adan. My uncle Adan's son, but the names are pronounced differently.

Leaving Curitiba.

Bye bye Brasil! Leaving Curitiba, to Sao Paulo, to Houston, to Lake Charles!

Aaaand we start the 22 hour trip back to Louisiana!