Saturday, November 13, 2010

West Coast Conference!!

Cherie & Sherry!

Denae & Cherie

The newly weds! Michael and Sherry!

The Next Generation

Ashlyn & Connor having their own Nerd Day

Cherie A., Cherie Marchbanks, Denae D., Denae, A., & Ashlyn

visiting in the lobby after church!

Heather, Cherie, Me, and Michael.
We ate at the ministers & family banquet thing

Stephanie, Connor, Cherie, and Denae

in the lobby befor the second night service

Ashlyn, Stephanie, Denae, and Cherie!
we went to in-and-out/chick-fil-a

(illegally cramed into the rental car)

Finally the pics from PCC!

Siamese twins

The chieftan
Cherie & Bethany!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gettin ready for WCC!

I am very excited to say i am going to be attending my first WCC! I was always in school so i couldnt go....but i begged and pleaded to my boss and finally was able to go! I had to tell them i already bought the tickets to get the yes, but hey! Whatever works! I cant wait to see all my friends and the new ones I made at Pacific Coast Camp!!!!