Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finally the pics from PCC!

Siamese twins

The chieftan
Cherie & Bethany!


  1. Wow Angelo... you have some of the most un-flattering pictures on here :)) Poor Andrew... Poor Denae... Poor me... Hahaa. Anyways though, good luck on here and figuring everything out!

    ~Nicole W. (first pic, far right :P)

  2. Angelo...
    Ohmygoodness you totally make me crack up! haha I'm at school looking at these pics and it's kind of funny to be the only one laughing haha I'm glad you finally figured out how to post pics and stuff and your blog! And it was good seeing you at PCC! Keep up finding your new smartness with the blog! haha btw who's jacket are you and Brock wearing??
    Eliana Tarazon (The girl who made you life miserable at BJ's at WCC hahaha)