Saturday, November 13, 2010

West Coast Conference!!

Cherie & Sherry!

Denae & Cherie

The newly weds! Michael and Sherry!

The Next Generation

Ashlyn & Connor having their own Nerd Day

Cherie A., Cherie Marchbanks, Denae D., Denae, A., & Ashlyn

visiting in the lobby after church!

Heather, Cherie, Me, and Michael.
We ate at the ministers & family banquet thing

Stephanie, Connor, Cherie, and Denae

in the lobby befor the second night service

Ashlyn, Stephanie, Denae, and Cherie!
we went to in-and-out/chick-fil-a

(illegally cramed into the rental car)


  1. WOW! Angelo!!!!! Hahah! I love all the pictures.. I look sooo dumb in one of them! ;0 LOL Anyway the picture of all of us in the lobby you put the 1 person as stephanie and it wasnt! LOL It was Cherie Abott! lol Well I had a fun time hanging out with you guys! IT was fun and memories that will last a life time! LOL!!
    ~Wanna Hear Something Hilarious?!~ ~Ash

  2. Angelo! I'm glad you had fun your first year at WCC. It was fun talking with y'all! Hope to see you soon! :)


  3. Granny Angela, I must say that ur shaw and glasses were soo pretty!!! Where did you get them? I want them for myself! Bahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ummm I think I am a little scared for the future generation hahaha It was fun talking with ya at BJ's! LOL especially when your mouth was full hahaha oh and when I couldn't hear you even though you were right next to me hahahah good times! Glad you made it out!
    Eliana Tarazon