Sunday, December 19, 2010

Learn me to speak southern more goodly, fast!

I was inspired by Bethany Wakefield's post, and i decided to give some words commonly used by the deep south. I'm not talking about "Arkansas", "Texas", or "Florida". I'm talking Loos'ana and Orkansaw and them type states. The deep fried ones. So if you plan on visiting and being able to communicate, there are some essential words & phrases you should know.

1) Y'all. The most commonly used word. Its so popular other places try to copy it.
2) Jeet-yet. Asked in question format. You might know it as: "Did you eat yet?"
3) Fixin' ta. E.g. "I'm fixin' ta head on up* to the bank." Used in pace of "going to".
*see number 4*
4) Head on up. To start a journey.
5) Sha. Pronounced Shaaa. Used mainly in Cajun Country, it's a cajun word used as the expression: "Awwww!" Can be said as Sha Babe or Sha Baby.
6) Bad Cloud. Y'all say thunderstorm, we say bad cloud.
7) Bad-oft. Used when saying someone is sick, raised poorly, or not financially stable.
8) Since Moby Dick wuz a minna! (minnow) Translation: Very old.
9) An'nem. We say: "I'm goin' with momma an'nem." Yankee's say: "I would prefer if i could accompany Mother and them" (something tells me I can't even speak yankee good!)
10) Sweetie. This is not flirtacious. This means we wan't a SWEET TEA.
11) Aint. There is no way to break this down. Or should i say there aint no way to break this down. :D
12) Caint. When you cannot accomplish something. If you are mad then you say "I caint and I aint!
13) Ary. Not any.
14) Gummit. Do not talk to anyone here about the government.
15) Widja-didja? Bring yore Bible widja-didja?

Things to remember:
  • There is a difference between southern speak and country talk (hill-billy)
  • Anyone above Shreveport is a yankee.
  • Sometimes you just have to get your cajun on and put words together when you don't feel like enunciating
  • We can learn anybody to speak southern! Just come get Raising Cane's fried chicken and a sweetie and you'll be there!


  1. Too funny!!

    We're going to be seeing you in just a few days!!! :O)

  2. HAHA this is good! ma cuzins talk like this an i always wondered what they were sayin!:p Thanks for the insight!