Saturday, January 15, 2011

Californians in the Deep South!

I just got back home from the first service of the men's meeting in Jennings held by Rev. Townley and I got to see two of my best buds Brad and Brock (or Ding and Dong in Rev. Morton speak!) It was so good to see them again and I can already see them gaining weight! Brad decided he was a preacher so he abandoned me and Brock to sit by ourselves but it was hilarious to see and hear Brock chowing down on shrimp fettacini, rice gravy and roast, spicy corn, sweet potatoes, chicken & sausage gumbo, Louisiana sweet rolls, and sweet tea, remarking every bite, "mmm this is just soo good!" I can't wait for them to come spend a day or two with us in Sulphur! Pics and more tales later!!!
*apologies for misspellings, I'm tired!! :)

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Location:Jennings, LA

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