Saturday, March 26, 2011

Goodbye Jennings!

Today I didn't do anything productive really, I went to Jennings LA to visit with Bro. Townleys youthgroup and tell them good bye! Here's some pics from when we went out to eat!

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Location:N Lake Arthur Ave,Jennings,United States

Conyers, GA

Ok I wanted to go ahead and post what I'm about to say to my blog so when people eventually find out anyway, there aren't any questions or rumors. Here's the info from me lol. This Friday the 25th of March My dad held a special business meeting at our church in which he resigned as Pastor of the church of Sulphur, LA. He has become Pastor of a church in Conyers, Ga. He feels that it is Gods will to go, especially after being Pastor of this church for 20 plus years. I know for a fact as his son that he would not pack a single box without being absolutely sure it was what he felt God wanted him to do. The Church is God's church and sometimes he reassigns people as he sees fit. Eld Boyd has accepted the church in Sulphur, and the transition will be effective the 27th of March. This is going to be a great undertaking for us and our whole family but God made all the pieces fall into place without us trying to force it into place. Me, my mom, my dad, Gabriel, Sara, Little Jonathan, and Michael are all moving to Georgia. Please keep us in our prayers, especially my mom and dad as they will be leaving the people and place they have lived and raised their sons in for so long but we are excited for what God has in store for us and is ready to do in Conyers. I will still have a blog, i enjoy doing this and will try to keep everyone as updated as possible. This is all we know at this time. God Bless!

-Angelo Alvear

Friday, March 18, 2011

Michael had a Date with Destiny...

Destiny Hyler came to SWLA to visit Michael, these pictures encapsulate the events therin. Ooo that sounded pretty neat!
The first meal with Destiny: Chris, Mom, Jonathan, Sara, Gabriel, Dad, Me (cameraman) Destiny, Michael (not paying attention) Boudin stuffed chicken breast, spicy corn, brocoli, rolls, & sweet tea!

Looks like the kids-mode on my dual screen camera works!

The proud grandpa!

Destiny's second boyfriend lol


He fell asleep while jumping in the jumper :)


Driving into the wilderness

While we were here we saw some GATORS!

This, my friends is an 8-9 ft alligator! Trust me i went by it later lol!

2 gators!

This is not a zoo, its a walkway... which means no fences.... which means its scary.

He looks hungry!

Getting bit by mosquitoes while trying to take a picture

Ima go catch em!

After i caught him and wrastled him into submission! You cant tell from the pic, but it was crazy!

Olive Garden

Waiting on food

Jonathan flirting with some old ladies lol


The last day! We are leaving the house to go to Galveston, Kemah, then Houston.

Walking to the back of the boat to feed the birds after Destiny got spashed from standing up front.

Can you tell that i just woke up?

On a granite rock peir.

At a St Paddy's day fair in Kemah i found a Leprechaun! Looks like he ate the pot of gold though...

The last meal with Destiny at Aquarium something something restaurant. Good Mahi-Mahi!

Weeeeelll the pic that was here of Destiny, I was right she did make me take it down! I got a trade off from her though! Those of you that saw it are special lol!

Watching the fish go by as i hear, "Im gonna miss you :(" over and over lol. And that is Destiny Hyler's visit to hear some great preaching and some other reason i cant remember.