Saturday, March 26, 2011

Goodbye Jennings!

Today I didn't do anything productive really, I went to Jennings LA to visit with Bro. Townleys youthgroup and tell them good bye! Here's some pics from when we went out to eat!

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Location:N Lake Arthur Ave,Jennings,United States


  1. Wow Angelo! Where is the picture of you eating mudbugs. I know that eating those things takes you back to your more primitive days where you TEAR the tails off and SUCK THE JUICES FROM THEIR puny little heads! crazy louisiannans haha... but seriously it does look yummy!.. the closest thing we have out here in california is at a place called Bubba Gumps!! OOOO yeah! Another thing you might want to know (did i tell you this was mike??) is that i dissect those things and do experiments on them in biology. Crawfish are a rather robust creature which are relatively common fresh water crustaceans that inhabit very diverse niches that include small streams, large rivers, lakes, and even subterranean environments. They are indigenous to every continent but Africa (where they have recently been introduced) and Antarctica. Currently, three families, 29 genera, and over 530 species are recognized worldwide. The family Cambaridae, which encompasses approximately 70% of the recognized species, contains both Asian (Cambaroidinae) and North American (Cambarellinae and Cambarinae) representatives. In North America alone, two families, 12 genera, and at last count, over 390 species can be found. This being said, I hope you have a better understanding as to what you are eating. TRUE... THEY ARE MESSY but they ARE GOOD EATIN'!!! by the way... how was your visit with Bro.Townley's youth group??

  2. Wow mike! All that info gotta give sum1 a headache lol ;)