Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Finally! I uploaded the good pictures from my camera, iphone, and bloggie today and here they are! Some pictures are a little bit jumbled up but for the most part they go from Conyers to AMC to Sulphur!

Acupuncure gone wrong III

Conyers church on the outside. Its 2 levels with the sanctuary on top and the church school and fellowship hall on the bottom level.

Game room!

The fellership hall

My first church service in Conyer, GA

The Sanctuary

Eating at Chilis with most of the young people.

i A birthday boy ! iArriba!

At AMC now. The Cascades lobby at the Gaylord Opryland hotel. This is some glass thing they made to commemorate their reemergance after the flood.

Most of the young people at AMC. Some had to go to their rooms before this was taken, and a few were party poopers and didnt want to be in it lol. For those of you that follow and couldnt go this year, we missed you!

Cool socks!

Inside the hotel, view from my room.

View from the conference center inside the hotel. The delta atrium was the hardest affected by the flood, as you can imagine since they have a huge lake-ish thing with boat tours.

Water+more water=big flood.

My big brained brother Michael.

Me with Lil Jon! My nephew Jonathan, that is.

Awww sha baby!

Lego Angelo!

Out to eat with Elder Bass and his wife at an AUTHENTIC mexican restaurant!

Changing the sign at Sulphur Church

Leaving 22 years and starting a new chapter.

The hardest part of moving: deciding whether or not to sell valuable items like these.

Packing all my books. Some of you might wonder "is that a stuffed horse on the right side of the picture?" to which i reply with, yes my late gradfather gave it to me so I shall keep it in a manly stuffed horse way. (notice the fake sword dangling from the reigns under a mountain of clothes.)

Garage sale/trashed items

The best chicken fingers in the world. Trust a fat-southern-kid-who-eats-fried-items-every-day-as-a-hobby person. Its amazing. They have a special sauce that makes it even awesomer. you might think "hey! I have a wonderful chicken place and they have a special suace too! whats so different?" to which i reply "yes, but Rasing Canes makes it in house from scratch everyday." mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Boxes. sigh.

Random pic of my subs in my car.


Wow, technology sure has changed a tad. 16 megabytes? wow.

Anyone remember Pogs? These things were awesome!

Status update: we have not moved yet, we still have a ton of things to pack yet. We will get there slowly but surely. Everyones jobs are lined up. Michael is already permanatly in ATL, Gabriel will be there in May. That leaves my mom, dad, and I to pack and move all of our stuff (which let me tell you is a ka-ton.) Pray God gives us super strength lol! Or steroids. Either one. Ill try to keep this as updated as possible, even if its just words and no pics. Well ill see yall on the flip side!! Byeee!

-Angelo Alvear

Oh yeah, i almost forgot, If anyone can help me find a cool but not girly looking (no offense ladies lol) background that would be greatly appreciated! Im not into camo or sports or trucks (thats why i said I needed a cool background) but every website i go to either has just those, flowers/butterflies/roygbiv, or nothing lol. any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Coming soon!

Hey! I've been INCREDIBLY busy with moving but I'm in Sulphur onec again wgich means I have my very own awsome amazingly wonderful 1 terabyte desktop I can load my pictures to! Sooo I plan on having at least part of my recent wanderings posted here tomorow... sorry for those of you that semi-kinda-sorta follow this I've been so busy lol! During the meanwhilst here is a picture of my grandmother and late grandfather. This year is the 50th year of the missionary work he founded in Brasil! Pray for the Missionaries all over the world! See you soon!