Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quick Mobile Bloggity Blog

A better, more thorough upload coming when I have my desktop unpacked and Internet not from the dark ages, but here are some pics from my iPhone. I know it's been forever since I've posted! I missed you too! But our move to GA is on it's final leg... Granted, this final stretch is the hardest part of the entire thing but hey! We finally got the house we are moving into prepped and ready for us, so this week we are unpacking a truckload of the things we use daily like beds and furniture. My family has been living at the Hampton Inn until then lol! One thing is for sure... I never want to sing the song 'I feel like traveling on' again! :D here are some random pics from my phone during this ordeal... See you soon!

At Gabriel's (oldest brother) garage sale

Placed by the Gideons? Nah, it's profit! (Gabriel's garage sale)

The Boss telling us where to pack things!

The tired Foreman..

Penske + uhaul = mixed advertising!

I had to pose for a picture for Six Flags...

Carrying boxes down from the rickety attic

Polaroid camera!

How to keep oneself entertained at a hotel room all day long... Miniature ping pong!

My throw away bow tie

Mr sleeping after driving for hours...

The new church card!

Jonathan before haircut on first birthday!

Jonathan after!

Chip off the ole block!



Nuff said.

Cuteness overload!

My bodyguard, Boris...

I've driven this 5 times...

All yard work, five bucks.

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