Thursday, July 28, 2011

My friend by our church

*cuteness overload*

Jonathan when we tell him to fix his hair

All yard work, $5, ask for Pedro.

Jonathan and his Mommy!

I have too much fun with this app, LOL!

Jonathan like cherries!

Guess who had to start work this week?

Hunting wabbits

The newest rollercoaster at SFOG. The Dare Devil Dive.

I feel loved!

I turned 19 on July 21st, so we celebrated my birthday early because my family had to make a run to LA, and I had to work.

A birdie hit the window and dieded. We'll understand it better by and by!

Samuel Hudson

Italian Samuel.

Amish Samuel.

Cowboy Samuel

Post Traumatic Rollercoaster Stressed Hair Syndrome.

Has anyone seen these? They are rubber bands with a sticker on them, and they are supposed to give you balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength?! Dumb!

The Varsity. A must see in ATL. Whataya have, Whataya have!

Michaels list is on the left, my listS are on the right.

Adult Royalty? Duh!

My section's knight. Go red and yellow! (I just called us the burger king)

The Royal Falconer.

Aw! I caught a flower!! No, in actuality, I stood up and snatched it from the air before the girl behind me can get it. That's what she gets for choosing the seat behind me. I wanted that flower!

This was THE funniest time of Medieval Times! A horse had just finished using the bathroom (2) and a knight got tossed onto it!! Ah, great times!

A bunch of fights and jeering ensues.


The big fight

Now everyone is friends again!

Go Burger King!

The jeering peasant with a paper crown.

Me and a girl named Denise (niece of a lady from sulphur church that was passing through ATL) decided about 2 mins in that we wanted to betray our team and go with the green guy. He's fierce.

Our real knight! Rootin for you bub! *wink wink*

The King! And some old dude.

My dad lost his glasses packing the truck in LA and this is how he found them while unpacking in GA!

A Japanese bomb dud a WWII vet gave Gabriel.

I just love living in the south!

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