Saturday, July 30, 2011

Six Flags Over Georgia!

Howdy guys n gals! Today is national Hick day!! Ok, never mind its not really Hick day I just couldn't think of a better intro. Either that or because Hick day is all year 'round. One of the two.

Ok most of the Conyers Apostolic Church youth group went to SFOG this past Friday the 29th! Here's pics from that day and a few random ones! And a few of you have asked for pics of the youthgroup MEMBERS so that's included too.

Forrest and Angelo


Marissa, Diana



Most of you know this guy (Michael)


El groupo

Do I fit? This ride actually tilts you flat. You hang on your stomach. Superman! The test chair actually locked me in it though lol! I couldnt get out until someone saved me. The rode broke down twice before we rode it AND some dude passed out in line.

Billy! My buddy!

Random peeps

My 'how do I work this' face

Una fila/una cola

I like blurry pictures! And my camera likes taking them!

Getting the evil eye. If you are wondering why 50% of the group looks bored and the other 50% look hyper, it's because the heat made some tired and others looney!

Bro. Kirby. El chaperone-o.

Getting refills!!

Awww siblings!!

Mmm good shake!

You're doing it wrong.

The next day...

Yay medieval times! Again!

Blues house!

Ummm wow.

I match!

That's all I got for ya. Enjoy Hick year! Post coming up tomorrow!!

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