Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Hola! I've been badgered into posting again even though I don't have Internet yet, but I will post some pictures from my phone since the last time I posted. Pictures of PCC will be posted as soon as I can, but I promise you will be disappointed in them! I always go to conferences expecting to leave with a full memory card and end up getting 30 pictures on the last night! Well here are more random pictures from my phone along with a tale or two!

Georgia Peaches!

Some of the youth group and I went to Stone Mountain for 4th of July.

Supposedly, the carving is so massive, the workers could eat on tables set up in the generals nostrils.

My Grandfather (my moms dad) live in the Atlanta area and has started to visit our church. He has been backslid from church for about 40ish us pray for him!

Jonathan giving me a Pow Pow!

A funny no smoking sign.

Explains it all lol!

The Judge.


This is how we do it in the country....

....and this is how we do it in the City! LOL!



Sara and I

Ok a little background info for these next few pictures. I love to shop. But this is generally what happens when I go shopping! I look through the whole entire TWO RACKS OF MENS CLOTHES (another topic, another time) then I'll see!

It's a suit!!

Now after all of that I did manage to make off with 4 beautiful ties for only 40 dollars which is AMAZING compared to what it was like in Louisiana. Now you californians might get better deals but IM HAPPY! ok? :)

Then we went to a cool/cute (depending on your gender) ice cream shoppe!

Candy everywhere!


Sweet dreams little Jonathan!

So last night my family is sitting down in the family room (gasp!) and the fire alarm goes off! The smoke detectors are tied in with the house alarm so at 1am every bell and whistle is screaming and we are trying to figure out what's going on! Luckily, a guy from our church told me the old password a while back (we had not had a chance to get the alarm company out to fix everything for us) so out of desperation I punch it in and it worked! But then we are all wondering around sniffing the air for smoke! You would have thought we had a litter of puppies wondering around sniffing everything! So then we go to bed and A HOUR LATER THE POLICE SHOW UP! turns out the alarm company had been calling the previous owners and not got a response so they called the police! I would have loved to hear what the previous owners were saying at 2am when they got that phone call! So the police come finally after getting lost trying to find our house and we are all standing around in our pajamas having to give this sheriff the WHOLE ENTIRE STORY of why the 'real' owners aren't there LOL!

So I had a very eventful week as you can see. I start work at my new Best Buy location July 18th (the week of my birthday. Yay.) so it will be back to the grindstone again. I pretend to work and they pretend to pay me ;) ! I hope you liked the blog! I'll see you soon!

-Angelo Alvear

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  1. That's the CUTEST little ice cream shop ever!! I love the Pez(es?). That's so crazy!
    Nice ending to the alarm episode.
    And your nephew is SOOOOOO CUTE! He always looks so happy! Aww :))