Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The World of Coke Weekend

The world of coke.

Ye olde soda pop place. With jerk.

Ye olde coke maker.

Ye olde coke signage.

Ye olde dating couple.

Ye olde coke dispenser.

Ye olde Dr. Pemberton.

Ye olde coke-mobile.

Ye olde refrigerators.

Ye olde Olympic torches sponsored by Coca-Cola.

Ye olde Word Cup pins.

Ye new water purifier.

Ye new coke bottler.

Ye new elevator.

Ye new employee. (AKA why you don't have a job)

Inca Cola is Peru's version of Kuat GuaranĂ¡ from Brasil.

Ye olde planker.

Ye olde car.

Ye new sky scraper.

Ye olde Varsity.

El Taco. Such a magical wonderful place.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hi blog. I miss you. But things have been crazy here. I'm sorry. Forgive me.

Things that MAY be changing in the bear future:

1) Angelo MAY be acquiring a laptop with an Internet speed that doesn't show 9 hours jut to load one picture

2) The look of my blog. MAYBE. I like coffee beans a whole lot though.

3) The schedule/rate/quality of my posts.

And the biggest most monumental crazy that's been floating around in Angelo's head.......

4) A job/career change. Best Buy changed Their availability Policy. Due to having Church on Sunday, Tuesday night and Thursday night, this woul mean I would close on Monday's (getting out at 12-2 AM) and opening at 8am Tuesday morning then repeating the process Wednesday and Thursday, not to mention working on Friday nights and a long shift on Saturday afternoon and evenings. Some of you prolly work more than that and don't complain. And I haven't until now. But I am part time, noncomission, ZERO benefits. That's too stupid a schedule for what little I'm paid. Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE BBY!! And I'm not going to just quit unless I secure a job which will probably be a personal banker at a bank. BUT I I don't get hired elsewhere, then I will atleast get some sort of pay raise. Some of you with managers who love you and the work you do know and don't want you to leave know what I mean! Sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors. I blame Steve Jobs. Or the new guy. They are interchangeable. Ok I gotta get some sleep k thx bai.

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