Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The World of Coke Weekend

The world of coke.

Ye olde soda pop place. With jerk.

Ye olde coke maker.

Ye olde coke signage.

Ye olde dating couple.

Ye olde coke dispenser.

Ye olde Dr. Pemberton.

Ye olde coke-mobile.

Ye olde refrigerators.

Ye olde Olympic torches sponsored by Coca-Cola.

Ye olde Word Cup pins.

Ye new water purifier.

Ye new coke bottler.

Ye new elevator.

Ye new employee. (AKA why you don't have a job)

Inca Cola is Peru's version of Kuat GuaranĂ¡ from Brasil.

Ye olde planker.

Ye olde car.

Ye new sky scraper.

Ye olde Varsity.

El Taco. Such a magical wonderful place.

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  1. You BLOGGED??! Wooah! Great post ye olde friend! I especially enjoyed the "ye new employee" hahaha


  2. I'm jealous! You went to Coca-Cola land! :)