Monday, October 24, 2011

Highlands, NC Hike!

This past Saturday the Conyers Apostolic Youth Group went to Highlands, NC to hike in several spots. Highlands is about a 2 hour drive from the church, where we met and left from at 7:30am. The drive up was beautiful as we passed several country towns and noticed the trees having more color. These are the pictures from this amazing trip!

Three of the girls taking in the wonderful scenery we passed ;P

Yours truly

Me and Michael

Marissa (background) and I found a beaver toothpick that we made Michael go recover.

Vini. Vidi. Vici.

A MASSIVE waterfall. If you look closely you can see a trail that goes behind it with tiny, tiny people!

You can see some people to the right of the falls.

The group :)

Forrest and I. Crazies.

Michael, Forrest, and I discovered a ridge about 60 feet up that was only a 2 foot ledge with trees growing out of the rock wall to provide a hand hold. Quite a thrill!

Water dripping off of moss

A GA hick!

Showing the group how to be adventurous!

Some pictures don't need a caption :)

And here we start Glenn Falls. It is 2 miles each way down and up. No hand rails excep for where there were falls they put some very useless fences, which we promptly found a way around

Standing on the edge of a 200 foot falls :)

That tiny speck in the middle is a person taking a pic of me at the edge!

Different angles of the same drop

Forrest, Marissa, and I were the pioneers of the group so we turned around from the drop and saw plenty more to explore upstream! The rest of the group soon followed...

Michael at the edge

Further upstream of the same part of the falls...

The log from the earlier pic starting to get smaller and smaller!

Forest and I

These perfect circles are formed in rock when lava cools and the air underneath has to escape as the lava hardens. These happened to be full of water because of the river. How deep they are varies from shallow to seemingly endless depending on the amount of mud and debris in them.

And my cousin Chris fell in one! The rocks we were jumping from to go upstream were covered with a slippery moss that made moving forward very thrilling with a 200ft drop not far away! Luckily for him his foot got fought in one of the round holes and I was there to rescue him...after taking a pic of course!

Pulling him up. The water was EXTREMELY cold beacaue they had a snow the Wednesday before. Instantly skin numbing!

As high upstream as was possible. The edge is the fall I mentioned earlier.

Back up to the front for more pics

We then hiked further down and came to the bottom of the fall we just explored. I know the pic doesn't look high, but it was MASSIVE.

Exploring more of the second part...

Looking down at the next drop. We about to be down there to the 3rd stage.

The 3rd stage falls

The fence that didn't work so well! :P

You can see the perspective better with someone next to the bottom of the falls.

Pink leaves

And then the sun set so we started the 2 hours trek back home! Mans buildings can't compare with what God has done!

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