Monday, October 17, 2011

GA Aquarium

I went to the GA Aquarium several months ago and here are the pics. The GA Aquarium is the worlds largest aquarium and has more than 8.5 million gallons of salt and fresh water. It holds 120,000 animals of about 500 species. It is famous for its Four Whale Sharks, four manta rays, and four Beluga Whales.

Tickets to the aquarium and the dolphin show through a discount service for ATL natives.

The aquarium.

Albino alligator. Only 5 feet long. I wish I had shoes made from it lol.

Electric eel

Cleaner fish.


Sharks and sting rays to pet

These are wierd. Ancient species. Mama and baby :)


Starfish and sea urchins to pet

This fish had buck teeth LOL! No other fish of it's kind were like that and it was sad to see Tge school leave it alone. Sounds familiar lol!


Keep running into the glass lol

The Apostolic fish lol!

Spider crab. Nasty.

Beluga whale!

Can you see the sea horse?

A tunnel that goes under the penguins! Very cramped and STINKY.

Annoying kid that kept trying to cut in a 2x2 foot crawl space.

This peng' had swag.

A rare penguin. The aquarium only had one!

Another rare penguin

Weird eels

Angel fish

Sea horses


Deep sea jellyfish. Glow in the dark!

The largest tank. Was absolutely MASSIVE!

I found him!


A manta ray was GINORMOUS!

Whale shark!

Saw tooth shark!

A pimped out fish.

This fish was huge as you can tell and it looked like a shrimp next to the manta rays and whale sharks.

Guitar looking fish!

Whale shark!

The GA Aquarium was an awesome experience and it was fantastic to see a snippet of God's awesome creations that I wouldn't be able to see otherwise! Definitely an ATL must see! Located in the Pemberton place across the street from the Coke museum.

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Location:Almon Church Rd,Covington,United States

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