Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving to you all! I have a couple things besides the obvious that I'm thankful for this week of which the first and foremost is that Wells Fargo called me this past Monday and offered me a job! I start my training December the 6th and have already put in my two weeks notice and passed the background check and finger print log! I am now in "The System".

Unfortunately I still have to work Black Friday... I work at 5am - Noon then 6pm - midnight on Friday. Best Buy is opening at midnight but i didnt get scheduled for that shift. I love Black Friday as the idea but i am definatly opposed to a lot of stores opening at midnight and even on thanksgiving! Talk about taking a day that was separated from the rest to reflect on thankfulness and obliterating it with sales! But what employees are going to complain in this economy and unemployment rate? I think its just a step out of many until Thanksgiving no longer exists but thats my opinion! I would love to read what you think! Dumb idea, fantastic idea, dont care either way? let me know in the comments!

The Second thing i have to be thankful for is that i was able to aquire a laptop FINALLY! So my very very poor unscheduled blog posts should be getting somewhat better now! The laptop is a little older of a computer passed down to me from my dad. I normally buy everything new just to have something thats never been owned but it was a very expensive computer when it was bought PLUS my dad had loaded a lot of software like Microsoft Office Professional, Rosetta Stone, 2 years of antivirus, and other programs that would have cost me a lot of extra money so i ended up with a very great deal! For all you nerds/geeks out there its a HP Pavilion tx 2000.

Well I hope all of you enjoy your time with your families! Dont eat too much Turkey, its a very large country!

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  1. Destiny and I would like to present you with a fun holiday challenge!!!