Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jonathan Alvear

Some of you might have known this already...but for those who didn't I have a great announcement to make! My Dad has FINALLY listened to our family's many pleas and has recorded an album! The album is titled Wayfaring Stranger and will be released soon in CD format as well as in mp3 on iTunes and It will feature 11 songs like Wayfaring Stranger, Name I Highly Treasure, Rock of Horeb with verses in Spanish! Some songs have Gaither background vocalists, saxophonist Mark Douthit
The Album is in mastering process and will be realeased soon! I will post on here the final date when I get it and a link to it on iTunes and amazon. I hope many of you buy it and enjoy it! I have heard all the songs and I know I found it fantastic!

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