Saturday, July 6, 2013

Forgotten Memories

The other day, my family was discussing trips we took long ago as a family, as well as events that happened in our lives. As we were having this discussion, and certain happenings were brought up with grimaces and smiles, I realized two things. One, My father was kept saying that he did not remember that funny story or what was just recollected, or the time that he blistered one of our rear ends for back talk or a bad attitude; but that I also could not remember about 90-95% of all the memories being shared. In disbelief I said, "Wow, I don't remember any of my childhood!"

Now, my mother, Michael and Gabriel said they could remember almost any event even as far back as two years old. As I though back pulling out files of events and tossing them to the proverbial floor of my brain trying to locate the oldest one, I finally found it in an old dusty pile from when I was thirteen years old. My first whole memory was of Heritage Youth Conference in Colorado, when I turned thirteen years old. We went to Pikes Peak in a little train and a kid pushed me into a little stream. I remember going to Adventures in Odessey and the Ranch that was there. I cant remember an order of days or even much after that, but it was the first few days that I could string together. Granted, I do have fragments of things from when I was younger, but I have researched and found that these are not recollected memories (Memories that include concrete details. Not only do you recognize a person but you know their name or where you met them) but they are familiarity memories (details are missing but you have a strong feeling that you have meet that person or been to that place before). For example I have a recollected memory of Pacific Coast 2013 but I only have a familiarity memory of when my family took a two week long vacation in Washington D.C. I know that I have been there but don't remember any thing about the journey.

Some people will say that if you cant remember your childhood then they were suppressed from traumatic experiences, but aside from the stressful times someone left our church for some reason or another after hours of counciling with my dad and the pranks pulled on my by my brothers, the worst thing i could think of that happended to me in my childhood was getting homework assigned. So traumatic experiences are ruled out. When people tell me "you were so much fun at such and such youth camp and when you did that thing, it was hilarious!" or "I cant believe you did that!" Unless you are talking about the time that I was in 10th grade and up, I get embarrassed because I have NO CLUE that the event actually happened!

Since my recollected memories start coming together here and there until I have a solid connection to the age of about 15, I can only summarize that I have been aware that I was alive for about six years. In reality I'm only six years old! Yay!

Question: When is your earliest recollected memory, and what was it?