Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bad News, Good News, Even Better News

Well it is already June, halfway into the year, and so many major life events have happened in this first part of the year. As some of you may or may not know, I left my employment at Wells Fargo in January, and on February 4th, left with my father to Brazil. I stayed in Brazil for 80days with my Uncle Adan Alvear, who took the mission work started by my late grandfather before he moved to the United States. I could only stay for 80 days due to my visa I have with Brazil, and needing to return for several family events as well as gaining employment again. I will post very soon of my trip to Brazil with photos, but it would make this post extremely long. I will say more about my experiences when I post it also.


I can't believe I actually have to write this, and it pains me very much to do so, but I must say that I will not be able to attend Pacific Coast Camp this year. I have been every year since its inception, going by myself and staying with the Kendricks as a little get away by myself vacation. The best church service memories, and best friends that I have, I received from that camp. I already feel sick that I will have to miss it, and I know it will be doubly so the week that it is occurring. I hope that all of you that go this year really reach God and have a blast with old and new friends. I am unable to attend this year due to my extended trip to Brazil, as well as Maggie's graduation and graduation trip. I would love to have gone this year but I must return to work as I need to be self supportive and pay for things again. I do not like to mooch.


I am very glad to say that even though I am just now returning from Brazil, I have a job again! While I was in Brazil, my brother Gabriel, also left Wells Fargo and became an insurance agent with a company in the states of Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia called ALFA. Upon my return from Brazil, I studied and passed the state test for Property and Casualty insurance to be able to work with him. While it will be a challenge getting several books of insurance off the ground and going full steam, I am excited for the new opportunity to be able to work hard, see the fruits of my labor, and take care of customers how they should be instead of how some dude from the north (yankees) wants me to do it. I am anxious and excited!


As I mentioned before, after Maggie and her sister Marissa's graduation, the Elliott and Alvear family all went on their first cruise! We were all really nervous about it, not about the water aspect, but if we as apostolics would be able to enjoy ourselves but we did! It was a five day cruise, going from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West and then to Cozumel and back to Ft. Lauderdale. We went with Royal Caribbean on the Vision of the Seas. Everything from the design, to the food, to the entertainment, and frozen smoothies were fantastic. I really enjoyed myself and would not mind doing it again. While in Key West, the group separated to be able to do their own thing. The women went shopping, Maggie's father went around with his cameras, Michael took a bike tour, and my dad and I took a Hop-on-hop-off trolley tour as well as tours to Truman's little white house and Earnest Hemingway's house. Very informative and entertaining tour guides all around, although my dad and I did not have time to get any authentic Key Lime Pie. When we first boarded the ship, we decided to purchase an excursion in Mexico. The excursion was on May 20th; a 45 minute ferry ride from Cozumel to the mainland, and after that a 1.5 hour coach bus ride to the Mayan ruins of Coba. after visiting the Coba ruins there was to be a lunch buffet at a restaurant situated in a natural cavern. After the excursion and our return to the ship, we all changed into nice clothes and ate at the Steakhouse on board the ship. It was there at this steakhouse that I did something that I never thought would happen to me. I asked  Maggie if she would allow me to give her all of my tomorrows and she said YES! I'M ENGAGED!!!! WAHOO!!!!! I had plans to propose at the top of the pyramid at the Coba ruins; real romantic right? The tallest pyramid in the Yucatan peninsula! Well the Mayans didn't think so, and it started to rain torrential, as soon as we climbed to the top of the pyramid. Everyone else scampered down like little goats...I grabbed the rope and scooted all the way on my butt. Those steps were steep and extremely slippery! So of course all of us were drenched with rain. Oh, i forgot to mention that the 45 minute ferry ride was very rough, and while waves don't bother me, about 75% of the people were barfing their guts up. ROMANTIC! So after the Coba ruins and the 1.5 hour coach bus ride back to the coast, we walked into the cavern restaurant. Again I though "I'll propose here" but apparently we all had marinated into a very ripe rainwater smell. And while the lunch was very nice, I again decided to postpone the proposal. I could have waited until our return to Atlanta and found a romantic place to propose, but I decided to take advantage of all the family being in one place. We reserved our table late into the night so when I proposed it was pretty empty with only a couple tables that had the ships officers and family sitting at them. So while it was not my first pick for proposal places, the whole day was very memorable and one I would do all over again.

We have not decided very much about our wedding yet, but we both knew we wanted a longer engagement to be able to spend money wisely on things we wanted as well as invite all of our friends and family from other states and countries, so they could make vacation plans to attend! Our wedding, God Willing, will be on June 6th, 2015. I will update the blog soon for a place for people to be able to put in their addresses for invites as well as RSVPs. I am so excited to be able to see all my friends and family come and witness me make a vow to someone who became my best friend, girlfriend, fiance and the love of my life! And even though they kinda got out of order when i uploaded them here, without further ado, PICTURES!

 It's just a key chain from my mom, I promise!
 Captain's night

 When I was giving my proposal speech
 Just boarded the ship
 After I proposed

 Our ship
 Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas, sitting across the dock
 Dad catching a nap before we went to our rooms
 With RC, every voyage begins with a trial run of evacuating the ship, so everyone knows where to go.
 One of Harry Truman's shirts he wore while visiting Key West. I likey.
 A lighthouse right across from Earnest Hemingway's home
 Shipwreck museum
 Towel Doggy
 A Mayan soccer/basketball court thing. Losers were executed.

 Oooo a skull

 A few pics of information tablets. They black spots come from them not being under or in any protection so the humidity is eroding them. Our guide almost started crying here.

 The Coba pyramid

 On top of the pyramid. It's high jack. The lady to the right with the ball cap on got mad that i got her in the picture. She had been kneeling down praising the Mayan gods and almost had a shout down when it started raining.

 Just in case you wanted to, no, you cant walk through the brick wall.